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Taurus smallfitness

Quality both on the large and small scale

It is not just our big equipment of the Taurus Premium Equipment which convinces by an excellent quality and a long lifespan. We orientate us on expectations and needs of our customers with our Taurus Small Fitness products as well. Durability, functionality, and a high-quality workmanship: our complete range offers you all you need for an ambitious training.

The Taurus Small Fitness Accessoires are practical accessories for your yoga or pilates training, effective small devices like the Taurus Active Ring or products, which are suitable for training of sense of balance, coordination, and flexibility or rehabilitation.

No matter, whether you go for a yoga mat, the pilates ring or a balance board: Taurus Small Fitness features an excellent price-performance-ratio and provides optimal training results. Even in combination with our big equipment, the small devices are efficiently used. Create an individual and effective workout !