Taurus Multi-gym
Cable Pull Module FCM

The Taurus Cable Pull Module FCM is a functional multi-gym of high stability which has many smart details. Both cable pulls can be adjusted in height individually. In addition, the module offers a low/deep cable pull, a chin-up bar, a core trainer as well as the possibility to use the module as weight rack for bench press.

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  • Features:
    • Multi functional multi-gym with two height adjustable cable pulls, a low cable pull, core trainer, chin-up module, and smart accessory
    • Many exercising possibilities for all muscle groups, among other: flying, lateral pull, rowing, biceps curls, chin-ups, chest press, abductors and adductors, and many more
    • Lateral cable pulls: height adjustable and pivotable
    • Incl. weight racks for bench press or squats with barbell bar (separately available)
    • Extremely hard-wearing frame design and large foot (base)
    • Suitable for 30mm & 50mm weight plates (with an adapter)
    • Transmission ratio of the individual cable pulls 1 : 2 | Deep rowing stroke: 1:1
    • Maximum load:
      • Pull-up bar: 150 kg
      • Cable system: 100 kg
      • Barbell supports: 150 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Cable Pull Module FCM: (L) 153 cm x (W) 164 cm x (H) 212 cm
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms

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Taurus Cable Pull Module FCM