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design Line Dual Pulley

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  • Features:
    • Cable pulls prove outstanding as a space-economical alternative to strength stations
    • Weight block: 67.5 kg or 90 kg | 15 x 4.5 kg or 20 x 4.5 kg
    • Weight block extension from 67.5 kg to 90 kg here
    • Unique design with two chic variants : with a mirrored acrylic surface or acrylic glass in a graphite look
    • Extremely effective compound exercises : The dual pulley offers even more exercises! With the two cable pulls, you can also do a flying or chest press without any problems
    • Slim in design, strong in training : The slim cable pull for wall mounting offers many varied training options.
    • Advantage of the mirror function : You can check your exercise execution and correct it if necessary. The mirror also happens to look very chic!
    • Especially space-economical strength station: the design Line cable pull stands just 27cmfrom the wall ab.
    • Exceptionally versatile : 3 height levels and widely adjustable handles
    • Upgradeable : The 67.5kg can later be upgraded to 90kg
    • Handles with snap hooks - other handles and pulling aids also fit
    • Exceptionally "round" pulling behaviour - evenly at every point of the exercise
    • Very smooth running : nylon-coated steel cables & easy-running, ball-bearing pulleys
    • Swivelling handles for a large motion range
    • High-quality materials : acrylic cladding, steel frames, aluminum rollers etc.
    • Quickly to the correct setting : The height adjustment is easy and smooth
    • Low-friction and quiet pulling system, even with little weight
    • Acrylic is shatterproof , stable, light and easy to care for
    • Gear ratio: 4:1
    • To use the cable pull, it must be attached to a stable wall.
    • Installation at home does not include wall mounting
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus design Line Dual Pulley: (L) 27 cm x (W) 105 cm x (H) 209 cm
  • Weight stack 67,5kg (15 x 4,5 kg)

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Taurus design Line Dual Pulley