Taurus Design Line Single Pulley

Model 2020/21

Technical information
  • Dimensions set-up : 26.2 × 64 × 208.3 cm
  • Cable pulls are an ideal, space-economical alternative to multi-gyms
  • Unique design with two stylish variants : with a mirrored acrylic surface or acrylic glass in a graphite look
  • < Slim in design, strong in training : The slim cable pull for wall mounting offers many varied training choices.
  • Advantage of the mirror function: You can check the execution of the exercise and correct it if necessary. In addition, the mirror looks very chic!!
  • Particularly space-saving multi-gym : The Design Line cable pull protrudes only 27 cm from the wall.
  • Exceptionally versatile : 31 height levels and two widely adjustable handles
  • Upgradeable : The 67.5kg can be later upgraded to 90kg.
  • For higher training resistance, connect both handles
  • Handles with snap hooks - other handles and pulling aids also fit
  • Exceptionally "round" pull - evenly at every stage of the exercise