Taurus Weight rack
dumbbell rack for Selectabell Pro

The right dumbbell rack for Taurus Selectabell Pro dumbbells – they place the dumbbells at a comfortable grip height and the dumbbell holders are securely attached to the dumbbell rack. The dumbbell rack has an extremely ergonomic design, allowing the dumbbells to be picked up easily.

RRP 199,00 €

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  • Features:
    • No more dumbbells lying around – perfect for the Selectabell Pro.
    • Comfortable lifting height of 58 cm.
    • Step-in design makes both dumbbells comfortable to lift.
    • Please note: This dumbbell rack is only compatible with the Taurus Selectabell Pro dumbbells.
    • We recommend that you buy the Selectabell Pro dumbbell rack together with the Selcetabell Pro dumbbells and make the most of the special price.

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Taurus dumbbell rack for Selectabell Pro