Taurus Multi-gym
Iso Low Row Sterling

The Sterling range from Taurus offers strength machines for commercial use in gyms and other compairable facilities. The especially robust and effective strength machines can be mounted with, optially available, weight plates in which the load is adjusted. There is also built in storage poles on Taurus Iso Low Row Sterling in which various weight plates can stored.

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  • Features:
    • Taurus Iso Low Row Sterling - suited for gyms and commercial facilities!
    • Highly effective rowing training with different grip possibilities
    • For all fitness levels of every age: Beginner, Advanced and Professional
    • Weight adjustments with optionally available 50mm weight plates
    • Storage of weight plates possible on the machine itself
    • Powder-coated steel construction
    • Adjustable seat height to suit every body type!
    • Ergonomic hand grips for maximal grip!
    • Excellent price-performance level!
  • Dimensions:
    • Max. user weight: 300 kg
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Iso Low Row Sterling: (L) 176 cm x (W) 145 cm x (H) 165 cm
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Back,
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Taurus Iso Low Row Sterling