Taurus Multi-gym
Multi Smith

The Taurus Multi Smith is the rack allowing everyone to grow beyond themselves. The multi-gym has two cable pulls loadable with 50mm weights and height-adjustable in multiple ways. A Smith Machine is also fitted: a guided barbell bar with a sophisticated safety mechanism. That way, beginners and professionals can improve even further. In addition to the two "main stations", the device offers many other training options to turn the fitness room at home into a fully equipped gym.

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  • Features:
    • One device - thousands of possibilities: the Taurus Smith Machine for maximum performance in home workouts!
    • Guided and free dumbbell training at one station!
    • Barbell bar of the Smith Station is 14-way height-adjustable
    • Station 1 – Smith Machine: a guided barbell with safety hook, for beginners and professionals who like to charge a little more: the perfect station for squats and bench presses
    • Station 2 – Cable pulls : two multiple height-adjustable cable pulls that can be equipped with 50mm weight plates individually
    • Station 3 – Chin-up bar : many different grip widths and grip options: upper or lower handle as well as parallel grip
    • Station 4 – Dip station: Height-adjustable dip station with two handle widths for dips or legs | ​Knee raise
    • Station 5 – free barbell training : Height-adjustable safety rests | Bar catcher and security shake | J-hooks also allow training with a barbell (at least 2m)
    • Station 6 – Core Trainer or Landmine: the movable mount for 50 mm dumbbell bars allows, e.g. T-bar rows or one-armed shoulder presses
    • Enough of this chaos! 4 storage bars for 50mm discs and a vertical storage option for a 50mm barbell
    • Padding roll included , which can be placed on the bar catcher to support you with abdominal exercises and many others
    • Bar catchers, J-hooks, and dip stations can be freely adjusted in height and can be removed when unused
    • Particularly safe : Not only thanks to the Smith Station with two safety mechanisms, but also because each height-adjustable attachment is secured at the rear with an additional safety pin.
    • Our accessory recommendations:
      • Weight bench for bench presses and shoulder exercises
      • Triceps jam and other pulling aids to connect to the cable pull
      • Sling trainer
      • Weight plates with 50mm borehole
    • Included in delivery: 2 loop handles, dip attachment, bar catcher, J-hooks, spring clips, padding roll
    • Transmission ratio of the cable pulley: 2 to 1 | 1 to 1 when linking the cable pulleys
    • Cable length / maximum extension range of the cable pulls: 180 cm
    • Maximum load capacity of the individual stations:
      • Dip Station: 200 kg
      • Pull-up bar: 180 kg
      • Cable pull: 200 kg each side
      • Smith barbell: 200 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Multi Smith: (L) 160 cm x (W) 200 cm x (H) 221 cm

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Taurus Multi Smith