Taurus Multi-gym
Multi Smith Ultra Pro

The Taurus Multi Smith Ultra Pro is the ultimate multi-gym or the ultimate cable pull for everyone looking for maximum performance with manageable use of space. Equipped with guided barbell bars, two cable pulls each with 100 kg weights and many other small training stations, every muscle in the body can be trained!

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  • Features:
    • Taurus Multi Smith Ultra Pro – the space-efficient all-in-one solution for strength training at home or the fitness studio
    • 100kg weight blocks on both cable pulls
    • Multi Smith Ultra Pro key features:
      • Smith Rack
      • Squat Rack
      • 2 cable pulls
      • Klimmzugstange
      • Leg press module
      • T-Bar oars / Core Trainer
    • Includes handles: 2 loop handles, lat pull bar, biceps-triceps bar
    • Types of exercise on the designation:
      • Pull-ups and chin-ups on the pull-up bar
      • Hold rack: barbell squats, overhead presses, barbell shrugs
      • < li> Smith Rack: Squats, rowing, bent rowing, bench press
      • Cable pulls: Crossover, flying bicep curls, tricep presses, lunges, squats, rows and and and
    • Cable pull transmission ratio: 2:1
    • Max. Load of the guided dumbbell bar: 300 kg
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Taurus Multi Smith Ultra Pro