Taurus Multi-gym
Performance Gym

The Taurus Performance Gym offers maximum functionality and flexibility for your strength training. Both Cable-pulls can be adjusted in height and have a large rotation radius, to maximise the range of motion. Quick-release clips make it easy to exchange grips. The multi-gym has a pull-up station as well as a Dips station which is equipped with a foldable backrest.

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  • Features:
    • Double cable multi-gym with a comprehensive accessory set and numerous training elements
    • Pulley system with 180° freedom of movement, to effectively and ergonomically execute all exercises
    • Maximum exercise variety in a compact space!
    • Exceptional stability!
    • Backrest offers optimal support with chest exercises while standing (e.g. Butterflies or standing benchpress)
    • Pulley can be adjusted to numerous heights
    • Innovative system: enables quick and secure changes of accessories and grips
    • Transmission ratio of 2:1, enabling a smooth run
    • Multi-gym with 4 grip options, among others, rock climbing grips
    • Leg raises / dip element with an optional foldable backrest
    • Comprehensive multi-gym with accessories: pull-up element, dip and leg raise element, rowing grip, 2 single hand grips which can be adjusted to 3 lengths, long multi-purpose bar, carabiners and 2 textile straps that can be used, for example, as foot straps or supports while doing pull-ups
    • Nylon coated steel cable which can be loaded with over 900kg
    • Diameter of the pulleys: 9.5cm
    • Long textile straps can be used as supports for pull-ups
    • Storage for the accessories is built into the multi-gym
  • Weight stack 68kg (15 x 4.5) , 68kg (15 x 4.5)
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms

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Taurus Performance Gym