Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro

Model 2021

Technical information
  • Dimensions set-up : 197 × 135 × 216 cm
  • Ultra-stable power cage with extensive range of accessories
  • Training stations: chin-up bar, lat pulldown, deep cable pull, cage with lots of shelves for barbell training, 50mm barbell holder for T-bar rows (Landmine), height-adjustable dip station
  • Maximum load capacity for barbell training: 350kg | Dip station and pull-up bar: 150kg | Cable pull: 100kg
  • Lowest shelf height: approx. 33cm | Highest shelf of the barbell: 1.64m
  • Accessories include:
    • J-Hooks / hooks for squats with barbells or safety rests for barbell training
    • Variable insertable holders for safety, storage or attachment for training straps
    • Short, straight curl bar
    • Long lat pull bar
    • Height-adjustable cross brace with padding
    • 2 link chains, snap hook, weight plate stopper
  • Built for professional use at home and in the professional fitness room
  • A particularly large number of setting options: Bar catchers & J-hooks can be set at 29 levels
  • Adjustable leg pads: an ingenious aid for many exercises
  • External dimensions of the Bar Catcher | Barbell racks -> Min. handle width of the barbell: 122cm
  • Inner dimensions of the safety rests -> Max. grip width for exercises: 110cm
  • Hole diameter for attachment hanging: 26.3mm
  • Depth of chromed Bar Catcher | Safety rest: 95 cm
  • Chin-up bar with many options for overhand, underhand or parallel grip; Rod diameter: 25.2mm
  • 8 freely placeable mountings (26mm) with spring clips: usable as shelves for weight plates, attachment for resistance bands or as additional safety shelves
  • Two holders for storing 50mm dumbbell bars
  • 6 x 6cm square tube steel frame, 2 mm wall thickness
  • Transmission ratio of the cable pull: 1:1