Taurus Multi-gym
Power Cage Set

Here you get the complete set: The Taurus Power Cage Set includes the Taurus Power Cage Premium, a cable pull, a dip module, and a pair of additional weight racks.

RRP 1.098,70 €

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  • Features:
    • Set offer with Power Cage, cable pull, dip module, and an additional pair of weight racks
    • Racks adjustable in 18 levels from 31 to 173 cm
    • Maximum capacity:
      • Chin-up bar: 120 kg
      • Racks: 200 kg
      • Cable pull: 100 kg
    • Racks with thick rubber coating: reduces the noise and protects the weights
    • Height of the additional hooks and the dip module is individually adjustable
    • Cable pull module with high and low cable pull
    • With a suspension with carabiner hook other handles can be used
    • Cable pull can take weight plates of 30 mm and of 50 mm
    • Long lat pull bar and short rowing handle are included in delivery
    • 60 mm wide square frame
    • Transmission ratio:
      • Lat pull 1:1
      • Deep cable pull 1:2
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Power Cage Set: (L) 146 cm x (W) 119 cm x (H) 217 cm

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Taurus Power Cage Set