Taurus Multi-gym
Power Cage Ultra Pro

The Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro is the perfect basic equipment for ambitious strength training at home or for fitness studios. Not only does the Power Cage make barbell training safer, but also offers exercise options for every muscle in the body thanks to attachments such as the dip station, cable puller or pull-up bar.

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  • Features:
    • Ultra-stable power cage with extensive range of accessories
    • Training stations: chin-up bar, lat pulldown, deep cable pull, cage with lots of shelves for barbell training, 50mm barbell holder for T-bar rows (Landmine), height-adjustable dip station
    • Maximum load capacity for barbell training: 350kg | Dip station and pull-up bar: 150kg | Cable pull: 100kg
    • Lowest shelf height: approx. 33cm | Highest shelf of the barbell: 1.64m
    • Accessories include:
      • J-Hooks / hooks for squats with barbells or safety rests for barbell training
      • Variable insertable holders for safety, storage or attachment for training straps
      • Short, straight curl bar
      • Long lat pull bar
      • Height-adjustable cross brace with padding
      • 2 link chains, snap hook, weight plate stopper
    • Built for professional use at home and in the professional fitness room
    • A particularly large number of setting options: Bar catchers & J-hooks can be set at 29 levels
    • Adjustable leg pads: an ingenious aid for many exercises
    • External dimensions of the Bar Catcher | Barbell racks -> Min. handle width of the barbell: 122cm
    • Inner dimensions of the safety rests -> Max. grip width for exercises: 110cm
    • Hole diameter for attachment hanging: 26.3mm
    • Depth of chromed Bar Catcher | Safety rest: 95 cm
    • Chin-up bar with many options for overhand, underhand or parallel grip; Rod diameter: 25.2mm
    • 8 freely placeable mountings (26mm) with spring clips: usable as shelves for weight plates, attachment for resistance bands or as additional safety shelves
    • Two holders for storing 50mm dumbbell bars
    • 6 x 6cm square tube steel frame, 2 mm wall thickness
    • Transmission ratio of the cable pull: 1:1
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro: (L) 197 cm x (W) 135 cm x (H) 216 cm

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Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro