Taurus Sling Trainer / Sling training
sling trainer

The Taurus sling trainer is an effective allround fitness equipment for exercising almost all muscle groups. The mobile multi-gym works with the own body weight as training resistance - any other accessory is not needed. This makes the Taurus sling trainer transportable and offers flexible use: indoor or outdoor, on the go or at home. Improve your flexibility, build muscles, and train your coordination with the Taurus sling trainer.

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  • Features:
    • Taurus sling trainer for an effective whole body workout
    • Incl. door anchor and extension strap
    • Instruction for Sling Training enclosed
    • Can be used almost everywhere !
    • Workout with the Taurus sling trainer offers:
      • efficient workout of many muscle groups
      • varied exercises
      • natural courses of motion
      • top-quality workmanship: long durability
      • can be used everywhere, suitable for travelling
    • Taurus sling trainer:
      • improvement of flexibility
      • muscle building
      • stamina improvement
      • exercising muscle coordination
    • Length easy to adjust between 100 and 200 cm
    • Stable karabiner, hardweargin straps, careful seams
    • Anti-slip grips, padded foot straps
    • Training guide with twelve freely variable exercises, i.e. for leg muscles, back, and shoudlers, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, trunk muscles - all muscle groups of the body
    • Training difficulty can be varied by adjusting the strap length: suitable for beginners and top athletes
    • Training with the Taurus sling trainer, whereever you want:
      • indoor
      • outdoor
      • at home
      • travelling
      • gym
      • everywhere
    • Maximum user weight: approximately 150 kg
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Taurus sling trainer