Taurus Smith Rack with cable pull

Model 2021

Technical information
  • Dimensions set-up : 175 × 123 × 217 cm
  • Training stations on the extremely versatile Smith Rack:
    • Barbell in the Smith Machine
    • Squat Rack and Chest Press Station
    • Height-adjustable dip attachment
    • Multi -Grip pull-up station
    • Cable pull with lat pulldown and deep cable pull
  • Smith Machine for guided barbell training: 50mm barbell bar with safety hook for particularly safe training
  • Extraordinary stability: 6 x 6cm tubular steel frame with 2mm wall thickness
  • Particularly versatile : the barbell bar can be adjusted in 23 increments for heights between 32cm and 185cm
  • Barbell bar runs smoothly and quietly in the Smith Machine
  • Cable pull with excellent capabilities
  • Max. load capacity of bar catchers, J-hooks and dumbbell bars: up to 350kg; Chin-up bar: 150kg; Cable pull: 100kg
  • Weight rests and cable attachment with 50mm mounts
  • Extensive range of accessories including: short rowing or biceps curl grip, lat pull bar, many target racks, bar catcher | Safety rest, two J-hooks | Storage hook, dip attachment
  • Tidyness is ensured: The rack has 6 holders for 50mm discs (each 17cm in length) and two stands bearing 50mm dumbbell bars
  • Bore diameter of the height-adjustable attachments: 26.5 mm
  • Compatible with further accessories:
    • Weight bench for a range of dumbbell exercises
    • Sling trainer for bodyweight exercises
    • Resistance bands are attached
    • Pull-ups just too easy? We therefore recommend a weight vest.
  • Please note: The 122.5 cm width only concerns the "footprint" at the widest point, i.e. the barbell; the Smith Rack measures at 200 cm.