Taurus Weight rack
weight and plate stand

The Taurus weight and plate stand provides diverse storage possibilities. Store compact weights, dumbbells, 30 mm plates and barbell bars in this combined weight stand at the same time.

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  • Features:
    • Combined plate and weight stand
    • Rack for dumbbells and compact weights
    • 30mm plate holders
    • Barbell rack option at the backside
    • Lateral hooks for accessories and strength handles
    • Max. Load capacities:
      Dumbbell rack: 300 kg
      Holders for weight plates (7 pieces): 40 kg each
      Hooks for barbell and accessories: 10 kg each
    • Disc mount length: 22cm
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus weight and plate stand: (L) 55 cm x (W) 110 cm x (H) 85 cm
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Taurus weight and plate stand