Taurus Wrist and ankle weights
wrist weights

The Taurus wrist weights assist to realize a more intensive and more efficient fitness programs. The Taurus additional weights increase the intensity on the muscles. These muscles are getting more demanded and exercised. Being equiped with thumb respectively finger loops and a circular hook-and-loop fastener, the Taurus wrist weights offer a perfect comfort. Even when intensities get high, the wrist weights do not slip.

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  • Features:
    • Wrist weights for hands for intensifying your workout
    • Thumb and finger loops for absolutely secure grip !
    • Weight can be easily changed
    • Each wrist weight has five removable weights
    • Fixation with hook-and-loop fastener
    • Extremely high comfort
    • Ideal for running training and jumping !
    • Material: neoprene (black)
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Taurus wrist weights