Taurus Fitness - The Brand

Developed for you to accomplish your goals:
Taurus fitness equipment for maximum performance!

Taurus fitness equipment is developed in close collaboration with athletes and sports scientists. Taurus fitness equipment focuses on what matters most in sports, one's routine, and in life: maximum performance! After all, athletes know what perfect fitness equipment needs to be like.

The highest quality standards are applied to all Taurus products: The treadmills, e.g., have excellent cushioning, and the strength training equipment is equipped with thick, comfortable padding. Many of the machines can also be combined, thus increasing the variety of exercises considerably. Quality, efficiency, and maximum performance are what counts at Taurus.

The equipment offers tremendous stability, thereby ensuring maximum safety and a long service life, even with intensive use. Many of the machines are approved for semi-professional use, e.g., at hotels, institutions, and physiotherapy practices, and for fitness studios in studio quality.

Taurus stands for maximum performance. Performance is a combination of endurance, strength, and movement. The human body is a complex system, and no aspect should be considered in isolation, which is why we offer a product range that covers all aspects of physical performance and allows you to accomplish all your workout goals with maximum efficiency!